What are Robell trousers?


Robell is made for women who search for jeans and trousers with a perfect fit and a fashionable design.

The fashion brand makes trousers that fit incredibly well. The different styles are made with a unique stretch material that ensures the trousers fit no matter your shape or size.

Robell is an everyday luxury for women who do not want to compromise regarding look or comfort. If you buy a pair of Robell trousers, you are guaranteed a high quality - at reasonable prices.

At Robell, we know that women are different. Therefore, you will find the trousers and jeans in different styles in many colours and fashionable prints - whether you prefer a classical or a more stylish look. 

With a gorgeous range of colours and styles available, there is something for everyone. 

Robell is available in sizes 6-26 (32-52), offering a tremendous fitting trouser to all. 

Please call our Robell Stylists on 01258 446464 (10 lines) to discuss your requirements. 

Excellent Fit and Quality are our Trademarks.

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