Our affiliate programme is designed to recognise and reward publishers and influencers for driving sales, and therefore provides a financial reward for every order with up to 15% commission.

If creative assists are needed, we will get them designed and created for you,  In the Affiliate Network, you will find detailed product feeds with extensive data sets including size, colour, stock and much more, to help you promote So Simply Robell. We have a strong conversion rate and average order value leading to more rewarding commissions. We also have a dedicated affiliate management team that will be on hand to help you.


If you run a fashion or lifestyle site that you think would appeal to the Robell audience, we are especially interested in hearing from you. This can be any type of site, from Aggregators and Content Sites to Influencers Social Feeds and Bloggers.

Please note that we will not be able to accept any sites that are either un-finished or under construction, or that are not relevant to us as a business.

Please contact our marketing team on 01258 446464 or email

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