Robell Ladies Fleece-Lined Trousers

Robell Ladies Fleece-Lined Trousers

Robell Fleece-Lined trousers are the perfect women's trousers for the winter months. With an ultra-soft fleece lining that backs onto the fabric, you'll stay warm and feel your best during the colder weather. The fleece lining is highly breathable and lightweight, giving you warmth without the weight. The fleece-lined trousers come in all your favourite styles and lengths, including the Bella Full-Length, Bella 09 Ankle Grazer, Marie, Rose and Lexi, and the 29" Petite Length in the Marie and Bella. The Lexi style offers a fleece-lined golfing trouser so you can still keep up your favourite hobby throughout the year. Many new colours and styles are added to the fleece-lined collection each season. 

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Robell Ladies Fleece-Lined Trousers

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