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So Simply Try On - Robell Seersucker Collection

We hope you've all enjoyed the heatwave! ☀️ 

For those of you who aren't following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, our girls from office Francesca and Karen have been trying on some of our items each week to give you some styling ideas and help find some items you may not have seen before! 

This week Francesca and Karen are back with the Robell Seersucker collection! The Robell Seersucker collection is made from lightweight, stretchy materials to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer! With a wide range of colours and multiple styles, there are endless styling options for you to create your most stylish look! Francesca and Karen have put together a few looks to give you some ideas and hopefully inspire you to try the collection for yourself! 💕 (All items are linked below)

We hope you enjoy! 😃

Find all items in the video below: